Washing Instructions

Caprivi Seat Covers are 100% machine washable.

You will find a Care Label on the inside of every seat cover which gives full instructions but just in case please follow the following guidelines and tips for successful cleaning of your Caprivi Car Seat Covers.


  • If your seat covers are heavily soiled we do suggest pre-treating the marks with general purpose cleaner such as Wynn’s Cleen Green or similar. It is a good option as it also a de-greaser contains no bleach or Ammonia.  Be sure not to use any cleaners that could possibly have any bleach in them.

  • Your covers can only be washed in a Cold-water, Short cycle in your Automatic Washing Machine.

  • Pick a cycle that is no longer than 30 minutes.

  • Use a washing powder that is Fabric Softener free.

  • Strictly no Fabric Softener is to be added to the cycle. It damages the leather.

  • Once dried it is a good idea to treat the leather with a lanolin-based cream. We strongly advise against using Dubbin as this tends to bleed into the canvas when the covers get warm in the vehicle.

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